about the school

We are the non-profit association „A School for Popoyo“ founded in October 2016 in Hamburg and we support  a school in a rural area of Nicaragua that is open to children from all nations and backgrounds.

Some of our members have travelled the country and lived in it for several months and we all see education as the key to a peaceful and equal coexistence.

dsc_4491Today Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in Central America and intrigues more than one million visitors every year with her volcanoes, coffie plantations, beautiful Pacific and Carribean beaches and with the Nicaragua Lake that is home to a unique flora and fauna.

Inspite of many international efforts Nicaragua, however, still suffers from the aftershocks of a dicatorship and a civil war and from widespread corruption and is thus one of thepoorest countries of the Western hemisphere.

The area around the famous surfspot Popoyo attracts more and more surfers and nature enthusiasts from the US, Australia and Europe who seek to fulfill their dreams of life on the beach. They buy land and build hotels and restaurants along the coast.

There is, however, no school that can offer education meeting international standards, which is why some families have decided to move back home and leave their newly found paradise behind.

At the same time children from local families fall behind because they are not educated well enough to participate in the economic boom and find jobs which are better than serving and cleaning at restaurants and hotels. Furthermore families who sell their land to foreigners run the risk of losing their independence.

Our school is therefore a school for all children offering education on an international level. It is a place where kids can learn and grow up together and find friends regardless of income and origin.

The school started in November 2017 with a group of prescholars and will expand over time. Almost half of the kids are from the local community. The acceptance of the school is growing daily. Almost every day someone contacts the school to get to know more about the possibilities for the kids.

At the moment two teachers work with the children in Spanish and English. Worldwide donations and school fees from well-off parents will hopefully make it possible to provide scholarships to children from poorer families so the school will truly be open to all.